Before the production is started, a test model is often made in the form of a model or prototype for the verification of the final design. Through using verification models in 3D and the employment of NC techniques, DuvedeC can translate CAD models into physical realisations. DuvedeC allows the possibility for the creation of functional prototypes, models, interior and exterior mock-ups as well as scale models and full-scale models for the assessment of product ergonomics, colour and shape.


DuvedeC received a assignment to carry out the reengineering of a distribution vehicle, the QUICC! Diva.
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Using a 3D scanner and by means of reversed engineering, DuvedeC has digitized an existing vehicle into 3D models and 2D drawings.
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In close cooperation with the client Yamaha, DuvedeC designed concepts for this vehicle. The people mover is according to client specification, exterior and interior design, engineering and surfacing is done by DuvedeC.
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