Concept design requires the ability to solve any problem with a creative but realistic approach. Product ideas are generated and tailored to our clients’ requirements throughout the manufacturing industry. One of the first steps of product development is the definition of the appropriate principles and specifications for product improvements, even for non-existing products, which are suitable for market research. In addition, the costs are identified at the earliest possible stage.


Meet the new Electric Delivery Van (EDV), developed by DuvedeC. This compact electric vehicle aims at future urban transport, the so-called 'last-mile' of city distribution.
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These concept designs for the office of tomorrow focus on storage and easy use of documents and folders. The cylindrical shape in both concepts give the office a dynamic atmosphere because the storage units can be approached and used from every direction.
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We see a shift in the use of body panels in the agriculture, municipality and logistics vehicles. By replacing sheet metal by plastic or composite panels there will be design flexibility, function integrations and possible weight reduction.
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In close cooperation with the client APTS and various suppliers, DuvedeC designed the complete interior and exterior for the fundamentally new vehicle concept “Phileas”.
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Footer Decoration