DuvedeC is originally an automotive related (concept) design and product development company with decades of experience in the creation, design and production engineering of complex singular and assembled products.

With effect from 1st April, 2016, DuvedeC is now a member of the EDAG Group

Through the accumulated knowledge in products, materials and processes, DuvedeC is the point of contact for engineering in industrial markets. In recent years, DuvedeC has strongly profiled itself as a knowledge organisation with a solid track record in concept design and engineering, including other activities related to product development.

The team, composed of conceptual designers, surface designers and solution-oriented engineers, as well as professional project managers, guides you to an optimal result whereby creativity, sustainability and cost consciousness are logical factors. The organisation is ISO certified and is based at two locations on and near the High Tech Automotive Campus in Helmond.


DuvedeC realises that the world is constantly renewing and additionally that significant changes need to take place in the near future in the area of product development. The distinction between products from different manufacturers / suppliers will become increasingly smaller. Therefore an attractive and well marketable product will distinguish itself in the field of (concept) design, appropriate functionality, ease of manufacturing and last but not least: the product must contribute to the product vision of the manufacturer. It is the objective of DuvedeC to offer this optimal combination to the customer through a professional team of product developers.


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